National Association of Family Services

Plan Overview

LMO America is in the business of administering legal access and insurance plans. It is important to understand that LMO America only provides access to the services of this plan. The services of the plan are actually provided by attorneys who have joined the plan as service providers. These attorneys have agreed to perform their services at no additional charge or at discounted rates. The rates offered in this plan do not apply to any existing lawyer or other professional service provider that you may currently have. This LMO America plan is not an insurance policy. The plan’s services are not contingent on any event and you may access the services immediately. When an individual joins the plan, he or she is assigned to a plan attorney.


The plan member includes you, your spouse and any unmarried dependents age 19 and younger residing in the same residence with you and financially dependent upon you, as well as any disabled children that reside with you. Extended Family Members consist of the plan member’s parents, in-laws, siblings, and children.

Definition of Charges to Plan Members

This plan consists of a range of fees charged by plan attorneys for each service rendered as listed in the Detailed Summary of Plan Services. The plan attorney’s usual fees have been reduced by virtue of their contract with LMO America. The fees charged by the plan attorneys are defined as:

Covered Service

For services identified as a covered service, you pay no fees to the plan attorney.

Discounted Fee

When you use a plan attorney, you will receive a 50% discount on the fees that you would otherwise be charged, with a maximum guaranteed rate not to exceed $95.00/hour. Advisory services on legal matters arising from plan member’s interest in a corporate entity receive a 40% discount on the fees that you would otherwise be charged. It is the plan member’s responsibility to pay reduced fees and all costs directly to plan attorneys.

10% Contingency Fee Discount

If you have a lawsuit or claim against another party that can be handled on a contingency fee basis, you will receive a 10% reduction off the state maximum rate or the attorney’s usual rate, whichever is lower, except for those administrative law hearings specifically identified.