National Association of Family Services

Plan Attorneys

To Access LMO America Plan Attorneys

When needing the services of a plan attorney, simply call the plan attorney listed in your membership application paperwork. If the plan attorney cannot handle your particular case for any reason, call our toll-free customer service number and allow one of our courteous representatives to refer you to a plan attorney that can assist you immediately. If a plan member does not wish to receive services from their assigned attorney, the plan member can also request a referral to other plan attorneys.

Plan Attorney Fees

Attorney fees are paid directly to your plan attorney. Depending on your legal needs, a retainer may be required by your plan attorney prior to services being rendered. Your plan attorney is responsible for determining the amount of the retainer and any other anticipated costs. Other costs you may incur include fines, court costs, penalties, expert witness fees, bonds, bail bonds, and any out-of-pocket expenses. These costs are your responsibility and are not included as part of this legal plan. Your plan attorney cannot provide any legal services until payment of the retainer and other costs have been made. If you need representation in court, you must notify your plan attorney at least ten (10) business days in advance, so the plan attorney may prepare for your case.

Plan Confidentiality, Ethics and Independent Judgment

Your use of the plan and the legal services is confidential. The plan attorney will maintain strict confidentiality of the traditional lawyer-client relationship. No one will interfere with your plan attorney’s independent exercise of professional judgment when representing you. All attorney services provided under the plan are subject to ethical rules established by the courts for lawyers. The attorney will adhere to the rules of the plan and he or she will not receive any further instructions, direction or interference from anyone else connected with the plan. The attorney’s obligations are exclusively to you. The attorney’s relationship is exclusively with you. The law firm providing services under the plan is responsible for all services provided by their attorneys. You should understand that the plan has no liability for the conduct of any plan attorney. You have the right to file a complaint with the state bar concerning attorney conduct pursuant to the plan. Attorneys have the inherent right to decline a case for any reason. Plan attorneys will refuse to provide services if the matter is clearly without merit, frivolous or for the purpose of harassing another person. If you have a complaint about the legal services you have received or the conduct of an attorney, call LMO America. Your complaint will be reviewed and you will receive a prompt response.