National Association of Family Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why LMO America’s legal plan, instead of another legal plan?

LMO America’s legal plan specializes in services that are tailored to the needs of the consumer. The plan has been designed to provide easy access to a lawyer for legal advice and other non-complex preventative services. In addition to typical services provided by most plans, services found in LMO America’s plan address estate planning and estate settlement issues, along with diminished capacity and asset preservation. LMO America’s plan also includes basic services such as telephone advice (via a toll free number), office consultations, simple legal documents, and letters written by the plan’s attorneys.

Is LMO America an established company?

LMO America services tens of thousands of existing plan members across the country. LMO America is registered in numerous states throughout the country as required by state law and practice, either with the Supreme Court or state bar anywhere the plan is made available. The attorneys chosen to be “Plan Attorneys” are registered and in good standing with the state bar, and are responsible to ensure that any documents prepared or advice offered comply with individual state requirements.

Do LMO America’s plan attorneys provide personalized service?

LMO America contracts with established, reputable, and highly recognized attorneys in every state in which it operates. The plan attorneys are knowledgeable in both the member’s local and state laws. Each plan member establishes a “real” attorney/client relationship with their plan attorney. Plan members will consult directly with a plan attorney to discuss their individual needs. The plan member and the attorney decide on a course of action most advantageous to the plan member. Only after discussions with a plan member will a plan attorney formulate an estate plan, or prepare a strategy for a legal matter. All legal documents generated by a plan attorney are customized to meet each plan member’s legal needs, and prepared only after consulting with each member. In addition, all legal documents are drafted and prepared in each plan attorney’s office by his or her staff and under his or her immediate supervision.

Is there a waiting period for legal services? Are there any restrictions in the number of hours in any given service provided?

There are no waiting periods or claim forms for services. The services have no hourly restrictions on use.

Where can I go to find out more estate planning or estate settlement options?

There are many websites that explain in detail what types of estate planning options are available. The American Bar Association is one of those sources, which can be found at

Do you have a complaint/grievance process?

LMO America provides a fully staffed Customer Service Department to represent members with attorney issues. Members may submit complaints and grievances directly to this department.

Is this plan endorsed by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), or any government organization?