National Association of Family Services

Estate Planning & Settlement Services

Every plan member is entitled to comprehensive estate planning services and preparation of associated documents by a plan attorney.  The attorney will review the scope and complexity of the member’s estate to determine the appropriate estate plan, and prepare documents as needed to implement the plan.  The documents and services available for a comprehensive estate plan are:

Revocable Living Trust: [$125.00 Flat Fee]

  1.  One hour consultation with an attorney regarding appropriate estate planning methods and documents
  2.  One hour consultation with an attorney involving conservatorship (guardianship) issues
  3.  Estate Plan Organizer
  4.  Durable Power of Attorney for Asset Management
  5.  Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Management (Health Care Surrogate)
  6.  Advance Directives to Physicians (Living Will)
  7.  Scheduling of Assets including insurance policies, annuities, real estate holdings, personal property, and investment portfolios
  8.  Letters of Notification to Institutions
  9.   Complete customer service including toll-free phone numbers

Trust Restatement:  Review of an existing trust document by an attorney and, if necessary, a restatement of trust or complete replacement of existing estate planning documents. [$100.00 Flat Fee]

Will Package:  One half (1/2) hour consultation and preparation of a simple will (individual) or reciprocal simple wills (married couple), financial powers of attorney (springing or immediate), health care powers of attorney and advanced directives to physicians (living will). [$100.00 Flat Fee]

Dual Residency Estate Planning:  Includes preparation of necessary documents for protection of your wishes when you are at your out-of-state residences. [$199.00 Flat Fee]

Complex Estate Planning:  While the majority of our members can be more than adequately served by utilizing standard estate planning services, some members may require additional or more complex estate planning.  Additional or more complex estate planning may consist of, but is not limited to: irrevocable life insurance trusts, generation skipping trusts, tax planning trusts, charitable giving/remainder trusts, and irrevocable trusts for vacation properties. [50% Discounted Fee]

Document Delivery and Execution:  Convenient in-home document delivery and notarization. [$100.00 Flat Fee]

Estate Planning – Extended Family Members:  One half (1/2) hour consultation and preparation of a simple will (individual) or reciprocal simple wills (married couple), financial powers of attorney (springing or immediate) and health care powers of attorney for the member(s) parents, in-laws, siblings, and children. [Individual $75.00 Flat Fee; Married $100.00 Flat Fee]

All collateral or additional estate planning work on behalf of the above individuals. [50% Discounted Fee]

Guardianship and testamentary trust provisions per ward or testamentary trust. [$100.00 Each]

Estate Planning – Review and Revision:  At any time following the initial consultation and document preparation, this service covers a revision, amendment or modification to any of the previously prepared documents. [$150.00 Plus Postage]

Extended Family Members are also entitled to a revision, amendment or modification of their initial documents (excluding modification of testamentary trust/guardianship provisions). [$150.00 Plus Postage]

Deeds & Title Search Costs:  For estate planning purposes, your plan attorney may need to review and/or prepare new real estate property deeds, deeds of trust, or assignments of mortgage.  The following are additional charges for these services:

  1.  In- State Deed [$100.00 Each]
  2.  In-State Assignment of Mortgage or Deed of Trust [$100.00 Each]
  3.  Out-of-State Deed [$100.00 Each]
  4.  Out-of-State Assignment of Mortgage or Deed of Trust [$100.00 Each]

Nursing Home

Assistance with electing a nursing home facility and the preparation of one nursing home application. [$199.00 Flat Fee]

Additional nursing home applications or planning. [50% Discounted Fee]

Probate & Estate Administration

Small Estate/Unsupervised Probate:  One-hour consultation regarding the procedures involved in the preparation of documents for uncontested probate or small estates/unsupervised probate. [Covered Service]

Probate of Estate:  When a member is deceased, a probate proceeding may be necessary. [50% Discounted Fee]

Estate Administration Services:  This service provides estate settlement services at no additional cost to the executor, successor trustee, or representative.  These services are: [Covered Service]

  1. Attorney phone consultation
  2. Assist in obtaining Estate Identification Number (EIN) for estate account to enable transfer and distribution.

iii.    Real Estate:  Assist in obtaining appraisals, agreements of sale, rents due, deeds, mortgages or promissory notes.

  1.    Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds: Assist in obtaining balance and account status for eventual distribution.
  2.    Cash, Bank Deposits, & Miscellaneous Personal Property:  Assist in obtaining and organizing balances, distribution, and/or transfer of bank accounts, CD’s, life insurance, retirement accounts, and annuities.
  3. Assist in obtaining the value of personal property, including automobiles.

vii. Assist in the documentation and organization of funeral expenses and related costs.

viii. Assist in obtaining debt balances at time of death (utilities, taxes, credit cards, medical expenses, not covered by insurance, etc.).

  1.    Assist in preparing letters of notification to institutions.
  2.    Convenient toll-free phone numbers.