National Association of Family Services

Document Review & Family Law

Document Review


Document Review:  One-hour of attorney time relating to consultation and/or review of any documentation or documents.  This benefit is additional to other document review issues. [Covered Service]

Affidavits:  This service covers preparation of any affidavit in which the plan member is the person making the statement. [Covered Service]

Demand Letters:  This service covers the preparation of letters that demand money, property or some other property interest of the plan member, except an interest that is an excluded service. It also covers mailing them to the addressee and forwarding and explaining any response to the plan member. Negotiations and representation in litigation are not included. [Covered Service]

Family Law

Divorce:  One-hour consultation regarding the filing of a Dissolution of Marriage action. [Covered Service]

All further matters arising out of the filing of a Dissolution of Marriage action. [50% Discounted Fee]

Premarital Agreement:  One hour consultation regarding a Premarital Agreement by a plan member and his or her fiancé(e) prior to their marriage, discussing how property is to be divided in the event of separation, divorce or death of a spouse. Service is provided only to the plan member.  The fiancé(e) must have separate counsel or must waive representation. [Covered Service]

Adoption:  A one hour consultation and one hour of legal work provided towards preparation of petitions, applications, or other legal work necessary in an Adoption proceeding. [Covered Service]

Any further work or documentation, including court appearances, arising out of the adoption proceeding. [50% Discounted Fee]

Name Change:  One-hour consultation and one hour of legal work towards the preparation of petition/motion for name change and assistance in posting or other subsequent required actions. [Covered Service]

Birth Certificate Procurement/Passport Procurement:  One-hour consultation, and one hour of attorney time towards processing request for necessary documentation. [Covered Service]