National Association of Family Services

Consumer Protection & Debt Matters

Consumer Protection

Small Claims Court:  One-hour consultation regarding the preparation of initial pleading for bringing a small claims action, or a one-hour consultation of pleadings for defense of a small claims case. [Covered Service]

Any additional work arising out of prosecution or defense of the small claims action including court appearances. [50% Discounted Fee]

Purchase of Goods and Services:  One-hour consultation on issues relating to goods and services purchased or contemplated for purchase. [Covered Service]

Debt Matters

Debtor/Creditor Rights Issues:  One-hour consultation including a credit report review concerning member’s payment arrangements, and/or settlement documents for creditor claims. [Covered Service]

Bankruptcy:  One-hour consultation regarding the filing of a Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy proceeding. [Covered Service]

Any other bankruptcy issues. [50% Discounted Fee]