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About LMO America

Legal Maintenance Organization of America
Headquarted in Jacksonville, Florida
The Legal Maintenance Organization of America (“LMO America”) is one of the nation’s premier managed legal care companies. Since 1984, more than 20,000 people have enjoyed the piece of mind that comes from LMO America’s legal plans. This LMO America legal plan was created for the purpose of providing access to affordable and quality legal representation for individuals and their families. As a plan member, you are entitled to a wide variety of legal services. The legal services you can access through this plan are available to you at different rates. Many services are included at no additional charge beyond the initial membership fee, at flat rates, and others are offered at a rate 50% below the ordinary and customary rate charged by the plan’s attorneys; with a maximum guaranteed rate not to exceed $95.00/hour for members. The services also include free consultations with the plan attorney at no additional charge.

LMO America
Is a member of the American Prepaid Legal Services Institute,
an affiliate of the American Bar Association

Mailing Address:
60 Ocean Boulevard,
Suite 6
Atlantic Beach,Florida32233